Hiraeth | Short film in development

Currently i am working on the development of my new animated short film Hiraeth.

Many thanks for the support of the Dutch Film Fund.

Online campaign | Animation & Design

This animation was for a campaign by EOKM and Help Wanted , to find boys who are victim of sexual extortion.

Music Video | Animation & Design

 I had the pleasure making an animation for the instrumental song Interlude

By Brian Esselbrugge/Abraham Michael. 

Brouwerij Vos | Animation & Design


A local beer brewery in Elburg, the Netherlands was looking for a way to tell stories through beer labels. Together with the team we came up with different stories about a fox that starts a brewery and meet new friends. 

There is one frame on the label from the animation. When you scan the QR code on the back of the label,

you see the whole story through (for example) your phone. In collaboration with Elmer Kaan, logo by b71 design.

Festival Legends | Animator for Vice 


(Click HERE to see the whole episode!)

MOONDAY | Short film 


My (animated) dreams. This was a project I worked on some late nights, in my free time.

I'm very thankful that Moonday had it's French premiére at  Annecy Animation Festival in the WTF  Midnight programme.

Puberdagboek Caroline van Keeken | Animator for NTR 


Produced by Submarine Amsterdam, directed by Samantha Williams.

CLIPPHANGER | Animation Director


Education video's for NTR and School TV.

Droomvergunning (Permission to dream) | Animator for documentary


Permission to Dream is a documentary about the nine year old Fayaz, who lives in a refugee centre in the Netherlands. Fayaz is not sure if he can stay the day after tomorrow, but he keeps dreaming of a future as an animal keeper - a dream that starkly contrasts with the hard reality of life as an asylum seeker.